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Meditation Retreat Workshop

Your Mental and Emotional Reset

In this 1-day meditation workshop you will learn, practice and enjoy 7 different meditation related techniques that will help you feel physically, mentally and emotionally …

Manifestation Retreat Workshop

Creating the Life You Want

If you feel that you have lost your direction in life or lost your purpose – or struggle to find real meaning in your life – then this unique Manifestation Workshop is for you.

The Organisation Manifestation Workshop

You can change peoples behaviour – by harnessing their unconscious mind. Enable your staff to live their dreams. Those that discover that their dreams lie within your organsation will be driven by this new discovery.

The Path Meditation Group

It you want to discover the biggest mystery of who and what you are – then you may need to go on a journey of self discovery. Like any journey, it may help you to have a check list, just to make sure you …

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Manifestation Workshop UK 2018

Francis Taylor Meditation Retreat UK 2018

It seems to be human – is to be stressed.

Sometimes you need to just get away, to go somewhere and let go of stuff that is causing you stress, anxiety or other negative emotions.

But how do you really ‘let go’ of your stuff?

And how do you discover more peace, more freedom, more joy and all the other stuff you are supposed to get from meditation – but somehow you never quite got…?

And even if you could ‘let go’, even if you could ‘zone out’ or whatever, how do you stop filling your head next week with a fresh lot of stuff that causes you just as much stress?

I can help you. My name is Francis Taylor and I have been teaching very powerful forms of meditation – and stress relief – and Manifestation Workshops – around the world for over twenty years.

You can transform your life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – and the transformation takes place quickly, easily, naturally – despite any old stress, anxieties, depression, panic attacks and unhelpful thoughts that your mind might have.

You can attend either or both of my workshops. You decide which you think you will benefit from most.