Manifestation Workshop UK 2018

Francis Taylor

I do two things.
I help individual people and I help organisations.


I help individuals in two ways.
1) I reveal an inner light and sound that exists within every individual. No beliefs, dogma, visualization,  philosophy, conceptual thinking, ceremony, religion or any form of new age or traditional practice is involved or necessary.

By meditating on this inner light and sound, the individual will discover for themselves their permanent identity and answers to the most profound questions that a human being can ask.
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2) I also help and enable individuals experience the life that they want to experience – but felt, for whatever reason,  they were unable to make it happen. Again, no beliefs, dogma, visualization,  philosophy, conceptual thinking, ceremony, religion nor any form of new age or traditional behaviour is involved or necessary.

By experiencing a technique that I have developed, the individual will naturally begin to experience the life that they desire. This takes place without positive thinking, goal setting, life coaching, NLP, subliminal mp3s, etc. etc
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Every organisation has a function or purpose.

The success of that organisation depends on individuals being aware of that function or purpose – and then acting in a way that will help the organisation achieve its function or purpose.

The problem is this.

Most human beings have a very limited attention span – they cannot remain focused on the simplest tasks, let alone achieving the companies function or purpose.

No amount of training workshops, seminars, retreats, threats, promises, bonuses or whatever will change this fact.

So the organisation will suffer.


So what can you do?

Learn from nature.

These same people that cannot concentrate or focus on the organisations function or purpose, somehow manage to achieve very complicated tasks on a daily basis.

They drive cars, they use computers, they walk across the road without getting run over.

All of these complicated tasks are done automatically and unconsciously.

I have developed a technique and process that will:

a) without any conscious effort, change the unconscious and automatic behaviour of individuals into alignment with achieving the organisations stated function or purpose.

b) highlight any individual who finds themselves unable to change their personal behaviour to help the organisation achieve its stated function or purpose.

The technique and process will automatically give that individual an insight and understanding of their own conscious and unconscious behaviours – and importantly – it will support and enable them along their own journey of achieving their own self-realised function or purpose.

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