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But in fact there is no ‘us,’ it is just one person – and my name is Francis Taylor. I sometimes ask the help of other meditators, including enlightened people, to help me with teaching meditation, but there is no ‘organisation’ .

This is a meditation site to help you discover Enlightenment for yourself, without the usual BS that you are asked to believe in.

However, for you to put the content of this site into some form of context, I will tell you a little bit about myself.

I am male, I am in my 50’s, I live in the UK and until recently, I have run my own heavy engineering company for over 25 years. My company specialised in the emergency repair of heavy engineering equipment, such as earth moving excavators, underground mining equipment, forklifts, cranes and industrial machinery. When these machines break down, the company that owns them begin to lose money fast; sometimes tens of thousands of pounds an hour. So when it comes to repairing their machinery, they cannot afford to mess about.

They can’t rely on wishful thinking, fantasy or hope. And they certainly can’t afford to use anyone who will let them down.

My company is still in business because other businesses know that I can be trusted, I can be relied upon, and I will always deliver what I say we will deliver. If I didn’t, then they would take their business elsewhere. And they don’t come back.

I have employed staff for 25 years. In order to keep my staff in jobs, I have had to make a profit year after year. I have had to make some difficult decisions,
Decisions based on the facts as they are.
Not on fantasy.
Not on as I would like them to be.

This meditation site will offer you facts that you can discover to be true – for yourself – within yourself.

No belief is required.

Being in business is similar to teaching meditation. It is not personal, it is just business. In order to survive for any length of time in business, you have to be honest and you have to deliver what you say you are going to deliver – or you will be found out.

It is with the same attitude that I am running this web site. Whilst I am no writer, and I am certainly no video star, everything I say on this site is the truth – as I have personally discovered it.

I often make mistakes in expressing myself, I have large empty spaces in my education, I sometimes say things that sometime later, I wish I hadn’t said, or expressed in a different way. I am trying to improve my ability to communicate effectively. So please bear with me and try to see the message.

One consolation is this. I know it is impossible for any anyone to express the beauty, the total state of absolute being that is enlightenment.

All descriptions are about limits – and Enlightenment has no limits.

Enlightenment can be discovered by you – in this lifetime.

More importantly – it can also be discovered by you – within yourself – to be the beginning, middle and ending of all that is.

So, in terms of meditation, briefly told, here is my story.

I have been interested in meditation and esoteric subjects since I was a child. In my teens I watched Richard Hittleman on the TV and meditated at home, listening to his meditation classes on an old vinyl LP.

I read many books on meditation. I read of things such as Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, Samadhi, Nirvana and the state of Enlightenment. At the age of 16 I heard of Transcendental Meditation. I went along to a local meeting room and heard a talk about Transcendental Meditation, or TM as they called it. Whilst most of the talk didn’t make much sense to me, I went along with what was suggested to me, and I bought a sound meditation technique called Mantra Meditation.

Whilst I was only earning £17 per week, I borrowed money off my mother and bought a mantra for £30.  I meditated with this mantra for several months, and whilst I found the mantra relaxed me, it was apparent to me that I was not making discoveries within myself that I wanted to make.

So I went to the then headquarters of TM in the UK, not a big deal as it was only a few miles away. There were public signs something about The Age of Enlightenment. I told them that I wished to discover Enlightenment. I was told that this was not possible.

I was told that only the Guru was Enlightened. That maybe I could discover Enlightenment in a future lifetime….

This was not good enough for me. I doubt if they would have accepted a promise of the £30 mantra fee in some future lifetime, so I left.

For the next fourteen years I meditated in different ways, often meditating on my own and I even tried several different meditation groups. I met some lovely, friendly people. I learned how to meditate in different ways, but when I asked about discovering about Enlightenment I was always given a similar answer. Not here, it is not possible or not in this lifetime.

It seemed that the Buddhists were as defeated as the Christians.

They seemed happy to follow any creed as long as they were part of a community, as long as they had friends around them, as long as they were not alone with the fact that they had no real proof or answers to their deepest questions.

In 1990, my brother Paul, who was also interested in meditation, he told me of a form of meditation that he had heard of, one were you didn’t need to believe in any faith or anything like that. One were you had an inner energy, an inner light and sound revealed to you.

You then simply sat down and meditated on the inner light and sound and personal discoveries were then made, without any dogma or crap like that.

He had had the light and sound revealed to him – it was called Initiation – and he said it was 100% true. He had no reason to lie or bullshit me. So I followed his advice and got in touch with someone local, who could initiate me into this energy.

I am not even going to attempt here to describe the Initiation. Suffice to say, it was simple, it was nice and it was 100% fact.

And so began one man’s journey of letting go into a journey of self-discovery, of letting go into an energy that is only talked about and symbolised by the masses of humanity.

I continued to meditate on the inner light and sound for a number of years. I made many personal realisations about the nature of myself, of life – and of love.

One rainy February Saturday night, at about ten past eight in the evening, in the presence of my brother Paul, I simply and finally let go – of everything.

I had realised the state of Enlightenment.

I am saying no more of Enlightenment here.

Suffice to say that Enlightenment does exist.
It can be discovered by you.
The opportunity for Enlightenment still exists.

And I am here to help you, should you be interested.