The quality of your life, your very experience of life, will depend very much on what you put your attention on.

If you focus on crap – then in general, your life will feel crap.

If you focus on lovely things, your life will feel lovely.

Mindfulness is training your attention to focus on the lovely things in life.

You will feel so much better through practising mindfulness.

Of course, the crap will still be there, but it will not bother you as much.

You will be happier, more grateful, more loving.

Not bad, eh?

But if you want the answers to deeper questions about yourself, about life, about death, about who and what you really are, them mindfulness is not enough.

You will need to go beyond mindfulness.

By all means begin your journey of self-discovery with mindfulness. You could start practising Mindfulness below.

If you sincerely desire to find out who and what you are – you will need to let go -into the source of the energy that is creating ‘your mind’. You will need to let go and leave your mind far behind.

If you are interested in that, then go straight to the Spirituality section. There you will find the opportunity to get initiated into the energy that will reveal the ultimate state of being – called Enlightenment – to you – in your lifetime.

Begin your Beyond Mindfulness course here:

Section One – Introduction to Mindfulness

Section Two – Breath Meditation

Section Three – Mantra Meditation

Section Four – Manifestation

Section Five – Guided Meditations

Section Six – Healing Meditations

Section Seven – Self Discovery