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“Er, just one more question….”

If you are serious about self-discovery and realising your own Enlightenment, then you need to know that the average meditation class anywhere in the world will have just as many falsehoods as any of the traditional religions.

They will ask you to believe in all kinds of stuff.

Whilst they may offer you excellent relaxation techniques, tranquil surroundings and even loving friendships, they will inevitably invite you to believe in, place your trust in or have faith in a belief, idea, fantasy or some other cock and bull story.

Once someone has shown an interest in you, once they have shown you some form of love or acceptance of you, it may be hard for you to start asking for proof of what they are saying.

But you must.

You must ask for proof of anything anybody tells you.

And if they invite you to believe in something and can offer no proof, then you owe it to yourself to quickly get out of there.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions – as long as you are prepared to do your part discovering the answer.

For instance. You may want to know about light and sound meditation.

Fact. You can meditate on the light that emanates from your thousand petaled lotus. (Even though, as far as I know, no Buddhist has ever seen it it.) In order for you to do so, you will need to meditate in a certain way for several months. If you are not prepared to do your bit, you will never know this to be true.

Had I asked you to sit in a monastery for ten years, I could understand your reluctance. But a few months to see the proof for yourself?

The questions that people have tend to fall into two broad areas.

The first type of questions are those concerning meditation, self-discovery and Enlightenment.

These questions are attempted to be addressed in the content of this site. Please use the search facility to see if your question is answered on the site. If it is not, please send me an email and I will attempt to answer it.meditation and depression meditation altar meditation and mindfulness meditation accessories meditation and stress meditation books meditation beads

The second type of questions are usually a request for more information, from those that are seeking reassurance or trust.

These types of legitimate questions are asking for more general information, so that the person can decide if they are dealing with the type of person or meditation group that they want to deal with.

However, these questions often include elements about meditation and spirituality. So I have listed some of these below. If I have not answered your question, please send me an email and I will attempt to answer it.

  • Is this a religion?
    A religion is always based on faith, which is believing in a story that exists in your imagination. Meditating on the energy of light and sound requires no thought or imagination. It is real.
  • Is this a cult?
    A cult is a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular person or object. All people and objects exist in your mind. Veneration and devotion take place in your mind and your mind can never reveal truth or freedom. Meditation on the inner light and sound will take you beyond your mind to the source of what you are.
  • Is there any money involved?
    The aim of this site is not to make money, it is to help you discover the state of Enlightenment. However, it does take a lot of time and money, so some fees are charged for some courses, such as Manifestation Workshop or The Meditation Teacher Training Workshop. These are not necessary to get Initiated into spiritual light and sound.
  • Who else is involved in this meditation group?
    I run this web site on my own. From time to time I get the help of friends, who also meditate, to help me explain and explore the different subjects that we cover. I am here to help you if you want to get initiated. After that, you are free to meet and go to other teachers as you wish.This form of meditation, the revelation of the inner light and sound, has been available for over 40 years through a Spiritual Master. Worldwide, there are over 200 people that have realised the state of Enlightenment.There are many other meditators around the world who are currently meditating on this spiritual energy. They are making personal realisations and discoveries for themselves, within themselves. With guidance, they too will each hopefully realise the state of Enlightenment for themselves. And so can you.
  • Who is the Spiritual Master?
    The Spiritual Master is person who can reveal the inner light and sound at will, but more importantly, he can give you access to the state of Being known as Enlightenment.By meditating on the inner light and sound, you can realise for yourself, vastly expanded states of consciousness, and ultimately the state of Enlightenment. It is not necessary for you to ever meet the Spiritual Master in the flesh. Many of the over 200 people who have realised the state of Enlightenment, have never physically met him.
  • Why do I need a Spiritual Master?
    Think about this.
    For thousands of years, the very best minds on this planet have pondered the deepest questions of life – and searched for the existence of Enlightenment.Philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Descartes, Aquinas, Einstein, the list goes on and on and on- these great thinkers have all been trapped in their minds.If Enlightenment existed in the mind, do you not think that they would have spotted it by now?They could have written it down – and then you could have read those words – and you would now be Enlightened.
    But you are not, are you?
    And neither were they.
    Enlightenment can never be found in the mind.
    So you need a Spiritual Master to take you beyond your mind.
    You need a Spiritual Master to take you beyond consciousness to a state of permanent Being.
    That state of being is called Enlightenment.However, should you think you can do this on your own, then by all means try to do t on your own.
  • What is expected from me?
    Your life is your life, and you can do with your life whatever you want.
    However, if you are interested in meditation – or going on towards discovering the state of Enlightenment – then you will be offered meditation advice – and given energy to meditate with.
    If you meditate on a regular basis, and you avoid things that may harm your meditation, you may rapidly make discoveries about yourself, and the nature of creation. How fast you make these discoveries relies mainly on your ability to meditate and how much meditation you do.
  • What can I expect in return?
    Let’s say you were going to go on an incredible journey, like climbing Everest.
    If you were going to climb Everest, who would you choose as a guide?There is the guy in a flowing robe, with a big smile, and clever, witty and kind words.
    He says you can climb Everest, he says we can all climb Everest, you just need faith.
    He offers you a book on Mountaineering and speaks slowly and wistfully of the snowy, wind-swept drifts.
    He says no preparation is necessary, as ‘we are all climbers’.

As much as you would love to believe him, as much as you want to join the people you see around him, something inside of you says something doesn’t add up.
You see past his robes, his beautiful temple, his calm demeanor, you risk being discourteous; you are brave and have the courage to question him.
You discover that not only has he never climbed Everest, he doesn’t even know where it is.
He is living a fantasy.He knows nothing of the pitfalls.
He knows nothing of the dangerous crevasses.
He knows nothing about climbing Everest at all.
Yet he does have hundreds of thousands of followers, all of whom talk in wistful tones of ascending the slopes of Everest….

These people too have zero knowledge of climbing Everest, they are living in their imagination, which keeps them safe in their fragile fantasy.

You notice these people tend to be of two types.
Some walk around, cleverly quoting from the mountaineering books, occasionally shouting of the joys of mountaineering. There are still others. These, usually the older ones, stare into space, with a broken, defeated, sad look in their eyes.

Before you choose the guy in the fancy robe, you hear of a Sherpa who is rumoured to have taken several hundred people up to the summit of Everest.
So you go and speak to him.

He tells you that he has indeed taken over two hundred people to the summit.
Every single one of them came back safe,  alive and well.

It sounds incredible, so you ask for proof.
He smiles knowingly and nods. He says, ‘Yes’, if you are interested, he can put you in touch with those other climbers. (After all, they love sharing the stories of their adventures into a land that others can only fantasise about).

Yes, he will guide you up the mountain, but he has a few things that he requires from you.
After all, it is a commitment from him too.
The Sherpa says that when on the mountain, you simply follow his advice and guidance as best you can.

He says it will be the most important journey that you have ever undertaken in your life.
Yes it will be fun, yes it will be beyond all your expectations – but it is a serious journey and as such, it should be taken seriously.

If you ever decide to follow a different path up the mountain, that is your choice, but he cannot offer you guidance on a path that he does not know about.

You are encouraged to practice walking regularly. In doing so you will make real improvements in your ability to ascend Everest.

You are encouraged to try and avoid drink and drugs, as these will slow down your journey, and it will waste your time and the time of your guide.

You can choose to find another guide at any time. He will offer to escort you back to a safe place on the mountain and bid you farewell.

You can choose to walk away from the mountain at any time. Again he will offer to escort you back to a safe place on the mountain and bid you farewell.

It seems that, as long as you are civil with him, and follow his guidance, then he will guide you every step of the way to the very summit.

So, which guide would you choose?

  • How long is it before I can get Initiated and have the energy revealed to me?
    It is normal for you to prepare for Initiation by meditating in a certain way for a few months. It is a simple meditation and anyone can do it.
    Then the light and sound is revealed in an instance at the moment of Initiation.
  • How long before I can discover Enlightenment for myself?
    This depends on how 2 things. The first is how much meditation you do, and the second is how well you are able to let go into the light and sound.
  • I am interested in Kundalini meditation. Do you raise my Kundalini in your Kundalini Workshop? When is your next Kundalini Course?
    The kundalini workshop is for people who are interested in exploring the different energy systems within the human aura. The kundalini energy is safely awakened and you are shown how to meditate and use this energy.There are many positive benefits to meditating on kundalini energy. If you are interested in experiencing raising your kundalini energy, please let me know.


  • I am interested in Mindfulness. I see that you offer a free Beyond Mindfulness Course. What is this course and how do you run it?
    Mindfulness is a series of simple meditation techniques that reduce stress and anxiety. The Beyond Mindfulness course is designed to introduce you to Mindfulness then take you beyond the limits of normal Mindfulness Meditation. It includes several other simple and powerful techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.This is an instant access online course, consisting of approximately 30 videos, each teaching you a unique aspect of Mindfulness Meditation.
  • I am completely new to meditation. Where do you suggest I begin?
    Do not be put off if you are new to meditation. In my experience, being new to meditation can often be an advantage. After all, your head has not been filled with stuff that is not true.

Start off by following the Free Meditation Classes on Tuesday nights. They are shown on YouTube as well. . This course is simple, powerful and enjoyable. See how you feel after meditating for a while.