It seems to be human is to be stressed – and if you meditate, the more you notice just how stressed you are.

Are you are looking to discover real truths about yourself – for yourself  
within yourself – without dogma, ceremony or blind faith?

There are meditation teachers in London, Manchester, Leeds, Midlands, the North and the South West. I can put you in touch with them.

They can help you get Initiated into Spiritual Light and Sound – which is the start of the journey to Enlightenment.

There are also a number of meditation teachers around the world
that will be able to help you.

You can get Initiated in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, North and South America.

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Watch This Video  About Religion, Meditation and Death

Time flies, doesn’t it?

One minute you were a baby, then a child, now an adult, and we all know what is inevitably coming along one day…

You are probably trying to balance your life in your own unique way.
Health. Family. Relationships. Career. Wealth. Adventure. Fun. Romance. Nature. Creativity. Science.

There is so much to live – so much to enjoy.

And yet…

For every beat of your heart, for every breath you take, for every moment you wonder of the mystery of what you are – of what life itself is – your allotted time is steadily slipping away.

It may be that you are genuinely content in not discovering your deepest nature – in not ever knowing what your real and permanent identity ever is.
If this is you, fair enough.

Things change in life.
That is a fact.
So, remember what you have read here today.

However, for some, the longing, the desire, the need to know just wouldn’t go away.
And so you began our search.

Is Faith Enough for You?
Some seekers found a sense of belonging, or friendship or hope in a religion.
For them, faith was enough.
If this is you, I wish you happiness, I wish you success in life.

You Have Nothing to Lose .
However, if your God has given you your life, has given you your curiosity, if your God has given you courage to explore, then I would encourage you to read on.
After all, you have nothing to lose.

Is Religion Enough For You?
For some seekers, religions are not enough.
They reject them, professing to be seekers of ‘real’ truth.

The ‘New Age’ Beckons…

The term ‘new age’ has come to describe the countless meditation groups that offer ‘genuine’ seekers a path to ‘universal love’, ‘self-realisation’ or ‘enlightenment.’

It seems that these groups offer the idea of freedom, the idea of boundless love and the idea of enlightenment.

On the face of it, they sound very attractive.
Yet, often under the slightest scrutiny, these fail to deliver more than deep meditation experiences, a sense of progression, a sense of community – and a sense of much needed hope.

If you are in one of these groups, I have a question for you.

Apart from the many positive aspects you may be experiencing, have you discovered the state of Enlightenment?

If not, read on.

Years ago, I too was seeking.

I too had been keen to believe in a reasonable alternative to religions.
But one after the over, each meditation group revealed itself as a belief system.
Or even worse, an income stream for some guru or other.

Until one day I heard about the revelation of spiritual light and sound from a spiritual master.
Was I sceptical?
Yes, I was.
But in the absence of any genuine alternative, I explored it.

And I found…
No beliefs.
No faith.
No hoping for the best.

Just a simple meditation technique that revealed the light and sound that is creation itself – that is the cause of me – the cause of creation – lay within me.

Nothing was ever – or could ever – be the same again.
I let go into the spiritual light and sound – that is only referred to in the minds of religious ‘scholars’, ‘gurus’ or ‘new age teachers’.
Over time, I let go of my fears, I let go of my ‘self’, I let go into LOVE.
I became one with the cause of all that is, that ever was, and all that ever will be.
I no longer was the seeker.
There was only the state of BEING that is known as ENLIGHTENMENT.

This meditation is now being offered to you.
You can discover the state of enlightenment – for yourself – in this lifetime.
It is simple.
It is real.
It is now up to you to find out for yourself.

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