Manifestation Retreat Workshop

Creating the Life You Want
Do Any of These Apply to You?
  • You feel you are not living the life you want?
  • You feel your life has lost direction (or maybe you never had any)?
  • You are struggling to discover your ‘purpose’?
  • You are struggling to find meaning in your life?
  • You feel unfulfilled?
  • You are stressed?
  • You feel exhausted?
  • You feel you have lost the vitality and health you once had?
  • You feel your life is passing you by?
  • You want more freedom in your life?
  • You want more money – maybe to buy possessions, or to buy you your freedom from the servitude of a career you never wanted, or to buy you time to explore the world, or simply you want to have you a different set of choices that having more money will bring you?
  • Maybe you are looking for connection, wholeness, belonging… maybe you are looking for love – and to be loved?
Manifestation Workshop UK 2018

Francis Taylor – Manifestation Workshop Coordinator

Your Life WILL Change

Your Life Can Get So Much Better – Or It Can Get a Lot Worse

The Choice is Yours

You may have tried positive thinking. If so, you already know that apart from a temporary effect, it doesn’t work.

You may have tried…

  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Workshops
  • Life Coaching
  • The Secret
  • Targets
  • NLP
  • Meditation
  • Counselling
  • List Making
  • Hypnotism
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Therapy

You may have even tried praying to your God.

Whilst these things all provide some form of effect, comfort, support and direction – the chances are, they have left you unfulfilled.
I know, because years ago – I tried them all.

And so, over thirty years ago, I began my quest to find a do-able, practical, no bullshit way of finding the things that I wanted in my life.

It was hard. I travelled the world going to workshops, retreats, seminars, conventions – It seemed like I had tried them all. I spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on regurgitated stuff which I could have got out of a £10 book. (Nowadays, there are millions of YouTube videos regurgitating the same old stuff – often with a twist – but it is the same old stuff.) Anyhow, whilst these workshops did seem to have some temporary, wind-in-my-sails, positive effect, they were missing something – so any positive effect in my life was soon gone.

I had to look elsewhere.

Alongside my quest for personal fulfilment and financial freedom – I had also spent my time exploring the esoteric – or hidden world.

I persevered. I made connections. I tested my ideas over and over.

And then I had a realisation…

I tried something that I had never been shown before…

You Take the Hidden ‘Secrets’ of Nature

and Simply Harness Your Desires to the Flow of Nature

And the Results are Shocking

By combining virtually unknown esoteric principles with today’s common life vision techniques – I had discovered a way of influencing my life – so that as the story of my life unfolded – it included the things that I had been looking for.

Freedom. Health. Friendship, Adventure, A sense of growing purpose. A feeling of deep belonging. I had a value I never had before. I experienced love in new ways. And money. So much money it shocked me.

I have since shared these techniques with only a few people. Now I am ready to share them with a few more people.

Warning – Please Read This

This workshop is not for everybody – it may not be for you.

The techniques I will share with you in this workshop are not being taught anywhere else in the world.

You will not have come across these precise exercises before.

Understandably, you may think they are ‘far-fetched’, ‘unproven’ or even ‘weird’.

I can tell you now – they are weird.
But they are definitely 100% PROVEN.

The questions are

Are You Brave Enough to Ask for What You Want?
Are You Prepared to Let Go of the Pain and Disappointment of the Past?
More importantly, if I could show you how…
Are You Ready to Accept the Life You Always Wanted – But Just Didn’t Know How to Get?

I have a deep and personal obligation to every attendee to help them manifest the life they have truly desire. We have only one day together, so whilst I am very happy to answer questions about the techniques – I am not here to waste time convincing anybody about how effective these techniques really are.

So, if you are unable to think outside of the box, or if you are unable to trust me and simply go along with the techniques – then this workshop is not for you.

Or if you are just too scared to accept the best version or manifestation of your life that the universe has to offer you – I understand – but this workshop is not for you.

However, if you are

  • Open-minded, if you are prepared to consider a whole new life
  • If you have just a little courage – then this Manifestation Workshop may be your doorway, the starting point to a whole, new and better life for YOU.

This Workshop is NOT a Set of Theories

It is Real Discovery and REAL DOING

During the day:

  • You will discover exactly what it is that you want now and in the future.
    This includes all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual forms.
  • You will then create a detailed physical representation of all aspects of your new future life.
    That is simple enough.

Then Your Living Magic Takes Place

You will then learn how to rearrange the energies that form the patterns of your life
– You Will Discover How to Harness Two Laws of the Universe.
– You Will Start in Motion Your New Life.
– Your New Life Starts On This Workshop

You will divert two streams of energy to come together to form your new life –
the life you always wanted, the life you dreamed of.

The New Life You are Going to Live, Enjoy, Love and Share

After attending this workshop
  • You will have the personal power to influence your own destiny
  • You will know how to influence the course, direction and content of your life
  • You will start to feel more in control of your life – physically, mentally and emotionally
  • You will begin to enjoy your life so much more – just because you can.

Practical Details

Creating the Life You Want

September Workshop – SOLD OUT

October 7th Workshop – PLACES AVAILABLE NOW

The 1-day workshop normally takes place at venues in the north and south of the UK. The day begins at 9.30 am and ends at 5.00 pm.

You are advised to wear a loose-fitting clothing for comfort and warmth, as we will be spending a short time practicing meditation exercises.

There is no religious element to this Manifestation Workshop – so it is suitable for anyone of any persuasion who is over the age of 18.

Depending on the venue, the number of participants is normally limited to a maximum of ten.

You will be shown techniques that are very powerful and can be used for great good.

These techniques can also be used to cause great harm to others.

So you must sign a personal pledge that you will not ever use these techniques to harm others.

The cost of this unique
1-day Manifestation Workshop is £147.

This includes all training materials, workbook, refreshments. There will be a lunch break, several good cafes and restaurants are nearby.

The numbers are kept deliberately small for each workshop – so places are limited, and they often go very quickly.

The next Manifestation Workshop will take place in the north west, near Manchester, on Sunday October 7th 2018 at The Affinity Centre, 7A High St, Cheadle SK8 1AX

To reserve your place on the Manifestation Workshop in Cheadle on October 7th 2018 – click the Reservation Button below.

I look forward to helping you.

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If you have any questions – please email me