The Manifestation Workshop

The Problem with Coaching and Personal Development.

Have run my own profitable heavy engineering company for 25 years.
I have taught meditation in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and North America for 27 years.

My clients have been individuals, companies, Local Government and National Government departments.

The problems that people face are the same problems that companies and governments face.

Whatever you plan for today will be out of date tomorrow.
The world appears to be random and unpredictable.
It is as if life has a plan of its own.

People can lose their physical, mental and emotional health.
Companies and Governments can convene and make all the decisions they like.
And they can be gone before the ink is dry.

Coaching and personal development programs may help you or your company.

But there is a big problem.
The elephant in the room.elephant in the room coaching and personl development

You will spend your life – and your colleagues will spend their lives – reacting to the thoughts and feelings that they have.

Yet, you are only aware of a thought or a feeling AFTER it has happened.

Don’t just skip that last line.

Nobody else has ever pointed this out to you.

You are only aware of a thought or a feeling AFTER it has happened.

So your life Рand the life of your organisation Рis at the mercy of apparently random, unpredictable thoughts and feelings.

This is the reason – despite all your best plans and intentions – that the shit hits the fan as often as it does.

But, what if you could change your thoughts and feelings before you became aware of them?

This is possible.

What if you, your colleagues and your staff began to have thoughts and feelings that were in alignment with not only their own highest goals and ambitions, but also in alignment with your corporate goals and ambitions?

This too is possible.

I have developed a unique and simple process that will transform your life – and will transform the life of any organisation – by specifically influencing thoughts and feelings – before they appear in your awareness.

No need for positive thinking.

No need for courage.

It is as if your life – and your organisations life – have plans of their own.

And now at last – they will coincide with your own plans.

Your life – and the life of your organisation – will blossom – as if by magic.

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