Meditation Retreat Workshop UK 2018 – Your Mental and Emotional Reset

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“A meditation retreat with a difference. In just one day I learned so much,
I now feel much calmer, stronger and a lot better equipped to cope with my life.”
Mary B – Meditation Retreat Attendee

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You feel stressed on a regular basis
  • You feel anxious too often.
  • Your nerves feel frayed
  • You suffer from the occasional panic attack
  • You feel you are losing control
  • You are feel overwhelmed
  • You think you may be depressed
  • You simply feel that you need to recharge your batteries,
meditation retreat uk 2018

Francis Taylor – Meditation Retreat Coordinator

“If you experience any of the above. Know this – you are normal!” 

Francis Taylor Meditation Retreat Coordinator

However, just because you may be suffering now – does not mean you have to suffer a mental or emotional roller coaster for the rest of your life.

Now you can do something simple, achievable and enjoyable – you can learn 17 techniques that will positively impact how you feel for the rest of your life.

You can press RESET and begin the simple process of gently dissolving your negative thoughts and feelings.

The One Day Meditation Retreat Workshop UK – Your Mental and Emotional Reset

After attending this workshop:

  • You will know how to dissolve your stress – gently and enjoyably
  • You will start to feel more in control of your life – mentally and emotionally
  • You will begin to enjoy your life more – because you can.

In this 1-day meditation workshop you will learn, practice and enjoy 17 different meditation related techniques that will help you feel physically, mentally and emotionally so much better.

Practical Details
Meditation Retreat Workshop – Your Mental and Emotional Reset

This one-day workshop normally takes place every two months at venues in the north and south of the UK. Each day begins at 9.30 am and ends at 5.00 pm.

You are advised to wear a loose-fitting clothing for comfort and warmth during each meditation exercise.

Each meditation exercise will be carried out sat in comfortable chairs. There is no need to sit cross legged on the floor – though you can if you wish.

There will be no religious element to this Meditation Reset Workshop – and it is suitable for anyone over the age of 18.

Depending on the venue, the number of participants is normally limited,  so if you feel you might benefit, I urge you to book now.

You will be shown 17 techniques that will help you feel so much better.

The cost of this unique 1-day Meditation Reset Workshop is £49.

The normal cost of this workshop is £99.

However, because this is a pilot in the Cheadle area, the price is being kept very low.

This is your chance to get over 50% Discount – th price of this workshop has never been so low.

This includes all training materials, workbook and refreshments. There is a break for lunch and there are many cafes and restaurants nearby.

The numbers are kept deliberately small for each workshop – so places are limited, and they often go very quickly.

The next Meditation Reset Workshop will take place near Manchester on Sunday September 9th 2018 at The Affinity Centre, 7A High St, Cheadle SK8 1AX7A High St, Cheadle SK8 1AX.

To reserve your place on this One Day Meditation Reset Course – click the Reservation Button below.

I look forward to seeing you in Cheadle on Sunday September 9th 2018

francis Taylor Manifestation WorkshopMeditation Retreat UK 2018 Reset Workshop


If you have any questions – please email me

In this enjoyable 1 day Meditation Retreat you will learn a whole lot about meditation techniques – whether you are new to meditation, even an absolute beginner, or an advanced meditator – you will learn new ways to use – and experience – the following meditation techniques:

    • Mindfulness Meditation
      What is it? When to use it? When not to use it?


    • Breath Meditation
      What is breath meditation and why is it important?
      Breath Meditation for Stress Relief
      Breath Meditation for Relaxation
      Breath Meditation for Concentration


    • Guided Meditation
      What are guided meditations? When to use a guided meditation and when to avoid guided meditations
      Guided Meditation for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
      Guided Meditation for Attracting Love, Good Health and Wealth


    • Mantra Meditation
      What is mantra meditation? What is a mantra in meditation? How does a mantra work? What is your personal mantra? What is chanting and meditation?
      Mantra Meditation for Reducing Stress and Anxiety
      Mantra Meditation for Helping you Sleep
      Mantra Meditation for improved Concentration


    • First Aid Meditation Techniques for Modern Living
      You need these techniques – and it is not your fault
      First Aid Meditation Technique for Acute Anxiety
      First Aid Meditation Technique  for Panic Attacks
      First Aid Meditation Technique for Emotional Pain


    • Crystal Meditation
      What crystals are good for meditation? How do you meditate with crystals? How do you use crystals for healing?
      Crystal Meditation for Emotional Healing
      Crystal Meditation for Calming Your Mind
      Crystal Meditation for Enhancing Intuitive Perception


    • Colour Meditation
      What is colour meditation? When and how to use colour meditation.
      Colour Meditation for Love
      Colour Meditation for Health
      Colour Meditation for Wealth


    • Geometry Meditation
      What is geometry meditation and why it is important.
      Using colour with geometry for personal transformation.


    • Sound Meditation
      What is sound meditation? How to use sound meditation .


    • Light Meditation
      What is light meditation? How to use light meditation.


    • Other Meditation Techniques
      What other forms of meditation are there?


    • Living a New Life with Meditation.
      How to positively transform your daily experience of life by experiencing the side effects of meditation.


It sounds like there is a lot to do on this retreat – but there isn’t.

Just allow yourself to be gently guided through each meditation technique – experience each one for yourself – and enjoy them.

There are no religious or other beliefs in any of the content of this meditation retreat. Everybody is different, so there is no pressure to be a certain way. This meditation retreat is about allowing you to experience different meditation techniques for yourself.

It is also about empowering you to help heal yourself from the difficulties of stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and other mental and emotional problems.

The cost of the  Meditation Retreat Workshop – Your Mental and Emotional Reset is just £99.

francis Taylor Manifestation Workshop

Meditation Retreat UK 2018 Reset Workshop