The Most Powerful Meditation

The Rarest of All Meditations

There are many forms of meditation, including breath meditation, mantra or sound meditation, guided meditations, visualisations, candle meditations, mandala meditation and many others.

Almost all of these meditation techniques will relax you.

However, only one meditation will reveal to you the greatest mystery of all.

That is who – and what – you really are.

If you are even remotely interested in meditation or spirituality, or you are just curious about what actually exists and can be discovered – by you – then I would urge you to join my personal meditation classes right now, because, even if you are not at all sure about how far you want to go in your meditation – there is much more here for you.

Here  you have got FREE permanent access to online videos, and regular live events, where I not only teach simple, powerful and unique meditation techniques – I give you the rarest of opportunities – to discover a form of meditation that will answer your every question.

As everything in creation is an effect, in that nothing in creation created itself, then the cause of creation, the cause of you – can never be found in creation.

This is why it is that you may often feel there is always something missing from your life, because the very thing that created you cannot be found.

So, if you have questions about yourself, such as

•Who am I?

• What am I?

• What is life?

• What is death?

• What is freedom?

• What is love?

• Does spirit exist?

• If spirit exists, then what is it?

• Where is spirit?

• What is Enlightenment? etc, etc

If the answers to these questions existed anywhere in creation, then better minds than mine or yours, would have found them by now, written the answers down and then we would all know the answers.

But the answers cannot be found in any philosophy book, any science book or any religious text.

You cannot find the answers to these questions in creation.

Just as you can never find the potter in the clay cup.

You can never find the author in the book.

Meditation groups, religions and philosophers the world over speak of a soul or a spirit that lasts forever.

Yet they have never once shown it to you.
Not once.

They simply smile and invite you to have faith.

Yet, you can never find something that lasts forever in a universe where every single has always and will always come to an end

So you must look to the cause of creation.

Initiation Into Light And Sound Is The Opportunity For You To Meditate Upon The Energy Which Is Creating You And Creating The Universe.

You can see and hear the energy before it crystallises into the geometry, forms and colours of the universe.

By letting go into this energy, you will discover for yourself the answers to the questions above, and much more.

By merging with the source of this energy, you will discover your true, real and permanent identity.

You will discover the state of Being that is known as Enlightenment.

Please realise that this opportunity is not something to be taken lightly.

It is not like joining a bowling club, where you would decide in a month or two whether to carry on or not.

This is you going on the biggest journey of personal discovery that any human being can ever make.

A Journey From the Finite to the Infinite.

There is nothing bigger than realising who and what you are.

How could there be?

So I am inviting you to take your time.

For most people, this is the first time that they have even heard of spiritual light and sound, let alone be presented with the possibility and opportunity of being able to access this energy for themselves.

The information on this page is to help inform you a little of what light and sound meditation is and to help you decide whether it is what you are looking for.

I am inviting you to keep your wits about you and tentatively explore the meditation techniques that lead up to Initiation into Spiritual Light and Sound.

I Also Am Inviting You To Enjoy This Meditation Site.

There is no obligation on your part to be Initiated.

Just as there is no obligation on my part to Initiate you.

We would have to trust each other, as far as we can.

Just as you would very carefully choose which Sherpa to guide you up Everest.
The Sherpa too must know, as far as is possible, that you can work and cooperate together.

If you are even remotely interested in what I have offered on this page, then I would urge you to meditate and then contact  me when you feel ready to know more.

You can also always ask me questions via email. I may use your question to teach other meditators – because if you have the question, the chances are then others may have it too.


If you are interested in Spirituality and Initiation, then have a good look round this site, enjoy your meditation and get in touch when you are ready.

I will teach you and guide you to a calm, tranquil place within yourself, so that you can enjoy your meditation – maybe one day it might be our mutual desire at that time for you to be Initiated into spiritual light and sound.

If you are not sure if you are interested in spirituality or Initiation, but would like to find out more, then simply follow the weekly meditation classes.

You cannot lose anything – because you are going to discover a load of stuff about meditation – stuff that you never even knew that you didn’t know about.

That is it, it is as simple as that.

For that you are going to have the opportunity to go on the most incredible journey of your life.

This is about you getting the opportunity to discover who and what you really are.

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