thinking meditation

Philosophy & Thinking

Philosophy can be a bit of fun, especially if you meditate.

So, the next time you are bored rigid watching soaps, or sick of the same old crap on YouTube, or having to sit on your hands to stop yourself from punching someone, have a go at a bit of philosophy.

You might like it.

The more you ‘let go’ into meditation, the more you have the capacity to let go of old thought patterns and inaccurate or unhelpful ideas and beliefs.

As you meditate, especially if you can meditate on spiritual light and sound, you will begin to explore regions of the universe that the ‘greatest’ philosophers were patently unaware of.

Then you may want to make your own observations, ideas and philosophies about life.

The purpose of this section is not to give you any beliefs at all, rather it is to get you to think for yourself.

By all means speak to fellow meditators, and explore philosophical subjects together. But beware. The nature of mind is to try to ‘understand’.

However, to ‘understand’ is an illusion.

It is impossible for the mind to ‘understand’ anything.

How can you understand a flower? Or an apple? Or a thought?

You can’t.

If for example, an accident takes place. Then investigators make take years seeking the cause of the accident.

Only then will they have a ‘better understanding’.

You cannot understand a flower unless you discover the cause of the flower.

You cannot understand an apple unless you discover the cause of the apple.

You cannot understand a thought unless you discover the cause of the thought.

The mind, and philosophy exist in creation.

They are an effect in creation and cannot ever understand the cause of creation.

However, you, through meditating on spiritual light and sound, and merging with the cause of the light and sound, can discover the cause of yourself.

You can discover the state of ‘being’ known as Enlightenment.

An effect, (you), can never know the cause of itself, (God).

However, you can become the cause, by letting go of the effect.

You can only do this by meditating on spiritual light and sound.

Then going beyond the light and sound to the cause.

And merging with that cause.

Then you will be Enlightened.


Have a look at these videos.

By all means disagree with them.

The important thing is to let go,  meditate and discover what you are.