The Organisation Manifestation Workshop

Every staff member is to a greater or lesser degree, responsible for that organisation achieving its stated aims, goals, direction, purpose, function or however you describe your organisations activity.
Manifestation Workshop UK 2018

Francis Taylor – Meditation Retreat Coordinator

FACT – Every staff member of an organisation has their lives, their attention span, their energies, their desires, their passion, their performance driven by their UNCONSCIOUS MIND.

FACT – Many staff members of an organisation often struggle to to maintain a satisfactory level of performance.

FACT – these same people perform MIRACLES at home.

They feed their families.

They often look after the physical, mental and emotional well being of their extended families.

They plan, budget and pay for annual holidays with impossibly small amounts of money.

And they do all this NATURALLY.

affection-in-businessBut, how do they manage to do all that apparently so effortlessly – when they sometimes make such simple yet mistakes at work?

More importantly – how can you harness their obvious natural abilities that they demonstrate so easily at home – in work?

You have to check that your employees vision for life is congruent with your organisations vision, purpose or function.

Most employees often just need to see, that helping the organisation will help them achieve their own life vision.

Then make the employees chosen behaviour, activity and improvements an UNCONSCIOUS HABIT

And their measured performance, in the face of all CHANGE, will NATURALLY INCREASE.

Their happiness, in the face of all CHANGE, will NATURALLY INCREASE.

The organisations measured goals, in the face of all CHANGE, will NATURALLY INCREASE.

We Have ALL Made Mistakes

You CAN Change The Future

I started and ran a very successful engineering company for over 25 years. My company always always made at least double the percentage profit of any of our competitors. Double the percentage profit for over 25 years. (Apart from one year… 1997, its a long story…)  And yet, as the CEO of this small but profitable company, I made a series of subtle yet eventually critical mistakes…

leaders Organisation Manifestation WorkshopI did not personally revisit, reshape and reform my personal life vision.

I did not revisit, reshape and reform the organisations purpose, direction and function.

As such, I inevitably did not give clear, accurate and honest leadership to my staff.

The beautiful music we once played together for over 25 years became a free for all – and ended in a cacophony.

I learned the hard way.

All Owners, Directors, Managers, Decision Makers in ANY organisation need to get together,
They need  to clarify their own personal lives vision,
They then to clarify the Organisations vision.

If the visions are congruent, that is fine.

If the visions are not congruent, that is also fine.

It is better to repair the situation now, than to dishonestly struggle on pretending the problem is elsewhere.

So, leaders first.

Musicians second.

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