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There are three types of Spiritual Journey.

One that goes round in circles and never goes anywhere.

One that wanders all over the place – and then ultimately goes nowhere.

And one that starts at point A and ends at point B.

Your Spiritual Journey is then over.

The 7 Questions

to Ask Your Mediation Teacher

Can your meditation teacher offer you Spiritual Enlightenment in this lifetime?

If not, walk away and find another teacher. You have no proof that you will ever live again. (As Elvis said, its now or never….)

Does the meditation teacher invite you to believe something that they cannot allow you to directly discover within yourself?

For example: heaven, soul, karma. If so, walk away and find another teacher. Billions of lazy people are giving up the opportunity of discovering their true nature because they are to ready to believe in a story, even though there is zero proof or evidence of that story being true.

Will your meditation teacher allow you to speak to other people who are Enlightened?

If not, walk away and find another teacher. Before going on any journey you need to know that others have gone before you and finished the journey. Your life is short.
Don’t waste your precious time believing in a story, no matter how nice, wise, caring, loving or knowledgeable your meditation teacher is.
If you absolutely had to go to London, would you stay on a train that was going to Scotland, because the train guard was nice, wise, caring, loving and knowledgeable?
No, you would get off and find the correct train that was going where you personally wanted to go.
It is that simple.

Does your meditation teacher imply that Spirituality is contained within a spiritual tradition, book or practice?

If so, walk away and find another teacher.
Tradition is dead, it is the past, it is gone.
You are here NOW.
All ‘spiritual’ books, whilst often interesting, offer zero help to the seeker of Enlightenment.
Any book will contain ideas. Ideas, are the walls of your prison.
You can practice anything you want in a prison, but the practice will never set you free fro the prison.
You must go beyond books, ideas, beliefs, tradition and practice of all kinds.

Can your meditation teacher reveal to you – within yourself – spiritual light and spiritual sound?

If not, walk away and find another teacher. Revelation of spiritual light and sound is the starting point of any spiritual journey.
Whilst their are several meditation teachers than can reveal inner light and sound, not all of them can take you to Enlightenment, now, in this lifetime.

Can your meditation teacher offer you the support you will need to complete the spiritual journey?

If not, walk away and find another teacher. You cannot do this on your own.
Every journey you have ever made you have needed support, guidance and advice .
A Spiritual journey is no difference. In fact, it is harder. You will journey into the unknown. You will need all the support, guidance and advice you can get.
You will need support, guidance and advice from people who have completed the journey and it is helpful to talk to and be with others who are on their own inner journey.
So, paradoxically, whilst meditation on Spiritual light and sound is a deeply personal and intimate experience, you will find it helps to have the input of fellow meditators.

How prepared to do what it takes to discover who and what you are – to discover the state of Being that is called Enlightenment?

Many people get married only to find, a few years later, that they are getting divorced.
They got married with the best of intentions, yet somehow something happened.
Many of us makes promises – and break them a short time later.
In one way, it is normal human behaviour.
Yet, if you were to plan a trip to climb up Mount Everest, you would seriously question your desire to go. After all, it is dangerous, expensive and would require a great deal of time and effort on your part.
Your Spiritual journey is no different.
Whilst it is not dangerous nor expensive, it will require a great deal of time and commitment on your part.
Do you really want to know who and what you are?
Do you want to discover the answers to the greatest of all questions – inside yourself?

To Get Access to Spiritual Light and Sound

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